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The TruBlue Franchise

What Is TruBlue Total House Care Franchise?

One Franchise Serving Two Huge Markets with Almost Limitless Potential…Seniors and Busy Families.

TruBlue Total House Care Franchise is revolutionizing the $380 billion-dollar senior care industry by being the only national player to specialize in the home care services sector, allowing seniors to age in place with comfort, dignity and quality of life. And for their loved ones to have peace of mind knowing that mom and/or dad are able to safely stay in their homes for many additional years, putting off assisted living facilities totally or for many years. TruBlue franchisees provide customers with a one-stop-shop for all home care needs, including on-going home maintenance, handyman repairs, cleaning services, yard work, and seasonal projects. For seniors, we also are certified to do Senior Home Safety Assessments, provide Senior Home Improvement/Modification Projects, and our year-round, helping hand services around the house, House Care Plus. Most importantly, our “One Company, One Call” approach provides our customers with a level of trust and convenience that was missing in the fragmented industry before TruBlue Total House Care franchise entered the market. Seniors want worry-free living, and busy families want hassle-free living. Both demographics can enjoy this carefree lifestyle and convenience with an affordable monthly care package. As a result, TruBlue has rapidly grown to over 50 locations in multiple states and plans to hundreds more in the coming five years.
Led by a visionary executive team and investors with three decades of experience in both the senior care and home services industries, TruBlue was founded for a very simple reason: there are no other brands capitalizing on the pent up demand that millions of seniors (and the millions of baby boomers) desire to age in place, but don’t have the physical abilities, balance, and skills to to keep up with the never-ending maintenance. There are hundreds of companies focused on providing home health care to seniors, and they do it very well, but those brands are not TruBlue’s competitors. TruBlue is the only national company that specializes in taking care of the senior’s property. While seniors will need to hire franchise brands that specialize in looking after their health and social well-being, where will they turn to for on-going house care upkeep, repairs, cleaning, yard work, special projects, and one and on. Having someone they can trust and rely on to complete the required ongoing maintenance that comes with owning a home is what allows seniors to age in place with dignity, safety, comfort, and happiness. This is where TruBlue is perfectly positioned for the next four decades.
There is a surging demand for seniors and baby boomers who want to age in place. And with the recent Covid-19 pandemic, that demand will only intensify for lifestyle, health and safety reasons. Fewer and fewer seniors will feel comfortable going to assisted living facilities. According to AARP, nearly 90% of seniors want to age in place. The Population Bureau expects that the number of people aged 65+ will double from 46 million to “98 million by 2060.” When you think of the fact that Pew Research reports, “Roughly 10,000 Baby Boomers will turn 65 today, and about 10,000 more will cross that threshold EVERY DAY for the next 19 years,” the demand for services allowing seniors to age in place will continue to skyrocket for decades. TruBlue is perfectly positioned to serve this next golden opportunity in senior care…year-round helping hands to provide the essential maintenance, repair, and cleaning of the home. “There really isn’t anything like TruBlue on the market today, and there’s no question that the future of TruBlue is incredibly bright,” says Sean Fitzgerald, President of TruBlue. “Helping seniors age in place is going to be one of the most lucrative business opportunities in our lifetime — for the sheer fact that seniors want to stay in their homes for as long as possible. Baby Boomers, who are rapidly becoming seniors in the tens of thousands every day, also overwhelmingly want to live in their own homes and communities and their loved ones want a trustworthy provider to take care of their parents’ or grandparents’ homes. TruBlue is fast becoming the first nationally known brand for home management services, and with the proven systems our team has put in place in terms of operation, marketing and support, our franchise system will grow to hundreds of locations across the nation in the coming years.”

TruBlue franchisees have access to multiple revenue streams and lifelong relationships with their customers based on trust

TruBlue is the first national brand to offer a “one company, one call” solution for all home care needs of Seniors and Busy Families, providing franchisees with access to multiple revenue streams including:
  • Handyman service
  • Maid and cleaning services
  • Yard Work
  • Seasonal work and projects
  • Senior Home Safety Assessments (fall prevention, accessibility, etc.)
  • Senior Home Improvement/Modification Projects
  • House Care Plus, helping hands around the home for seniors on a year-round basis
TruBlue is the leading brand for total home management services and as such holds its Franchise Owners to the highest standards of customer service, integrity, and quality service. Franchise Owners are granted access to their customers' homes and establish lifelong relationships with their customers based on trust.

Ready to bring TruBlue Total House Care to your community? The time is now!

TruBlue is a unique opportunity for new entrepreneurs who are passionate about helping seniors stay in their homes longer to lead safe, happy and productive lives, but who also want to build a profitable and successful business that will continue to grow over the long-term.