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Our Mission

Overview & Mission

We are the ONLY national provider that specializes in Total House Care, both inside and outside the home, for Seniors and Busy Families

We help Seniors stay in their homes longer to “age in place” with comfort, safety and dignity. For Busy Families, we help them regain their sanity, free time and weekends to do the things they love with the people they love. To handle all the household chores, we provide affordable monthly service packages (maintenance, repairs, cleaning, yard work, and special projects) and a dedicated Total House Care Manager to oversee all services and ensure that Seniors and Busy Families enjoy convenient, hassle-free, and worry-free living.

Especially for Seniors, we provide a helping hand, year-round approach to upkeep so they can stay at home for many more years. In addition to on-going maintenance, repairs, cleaning, and yard work, we are also certified to provide Senior Home Safety Assessments (fall prevention, accessibility, senior-friendly handles/faucets, etc.), Senior Home Improvement/Modification Projects, Seasonal Projects, and our Monthly Helping Hand Service called House Care Plus.