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House Care Plus

TruBlue's Monthly Service Wins Over Homeowners

TruBlue is proud to offer a fantastic home maintenance subscription plan that you can market to your prospective customers. It's called House Care Plus.

What is House Care Plus?

As houses get older, things wear down and eventually break. This is a reality for many homeowners, but they may not have:

  • Time to keep their home in tip-top condition.
  • Technical expertise to assess potential issues.
  • Equipment to fix problems.
  • The ability to perform repairs due to age or physical limitations.

But when homeowners ignore potential hazards, they simply do not go away. They often get worse. And getting problems fixed after a complete breakdown can end up costing homeowners’ tens of thousands of dollars.

That's where House Care Plus comes in.

It's a monthly or seasonal (quaretly) subscription service that franchisees can offer to their Seniors and Busy Families that gives homeowners peace of mind. It tackles their To-Do List of any house frustrations, any seasonal projects, and then any preventive maintenance projects. A dedicated House Care manager is assigned to each subscriber so they can:

  • Assess the health of the house.
  • Plan and schedule 2 hours of monthly or seasonal maintenance.
  • Diagnose any potential issues.
  • Recommend preventative measures.

Subscriptions are available in seasonal (quarterly) and monthly packages and are a great value when compared to costly home repairs.

As a TruBlue owner, you receive the great benefits of House Care Plus!

Click here to view the House Care Plus promotional flyer.

Recurring Revenue

Get guaranteed revenue each month! As you get more homeowners subscribed to House Care Plus, your net revenue scales up pretty quickly. Add in other home repair and maintenance projects and you can see how this program can create a solid financial foundation for your business.

Keep Your Workforce Productive

Keep your team engaged on a year-round basis and smooth out your work load and revenue streams! Instead of a transactional business, you create an on-going relationship business. Even though the time of year can affect the amount of activity in the industry, House Care Plus ensures that your team will always have projects and tasks to complete on a regular, year-round basis.

Larger Projects

The 2 hours of maintenance every month is intended to keep homes free from major issues through preventative measures. But if your team finds that there are bigger problems that require more time and resources, you'll be first in line to secure the bid…and most likely, the job. They know you and trust you.

Customer Referrals

By providing excellent service and developing trust with your House Care Plus subscribers, you'll be able to leverage referrals from their network of contacts like their friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors.

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