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Jumpstart Program

Speeding up your business launch with referral connections,
customer lead generation, and local press!

TruBlue’s Grand Opening Jumpstart Program provides you with proven support to help build your business faster! This includes valuable introductions and pre-set appointments by the Corporate Office focusing on local influential individuals and organizations. These “centers of influence” will meet with you to mutually grow each of your businesses as well as introduce you to other local business owners, networking clubs, Chambers of Commerce, Realtors, and senior care companies, to name a few.

As a new owner, you’ll also receive targeted, online lead generation to help drive prospective customers to you and job estimate bookings through your website. Our Corporate Office will oversee this for the first 60 days to free up your time so you can focus on meeting potential customers in-person!

Finally, our Public Relations (PR) team will produce a custom press release showcasing you and distribute it to various local and regional media outlets (e.g. newspapers, radio stations, television stations, etc.). This will help generate local awareness and interest within your community. In the past, some owners have been offered guest speaking opportunities or local TV news interviews!

Specifically, the Grand Opening Jumpstart Program will get your business off the ground fast:

  • Pre-set appointments for you with a variety of local referral sources and influential organizations
  • Online lead generation directing customers to your website for booking job estimates
  • Local press to create awareness and interest about your business in your community

Partnering For Your Success