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Earn up to $50,000 when you buy a business with our Head Start Program

Launch your business with the ONLY award-winning national provider specializing in total house care for seniors and busy families. Complete the form below to connect with a franchise director and begin the franchise discovery process.

Pick the right time to start

Take up to 6 months to select the best time for you to open your business. We’ll help formulate a plan and strategies specific to your needs so you can get off to a fast start.

Pay NO royalties for the first 6 months.

From day one, we’ll help keep your costs down so you can focus on growing your business, not worrying about finances.

Earn back your franchise fee in full.

Enroll in our industry-unique Winner’s Circle Program and be sure to work smart and follow our proven systems when you launch. Focus on hitting preestablished benchmarks along the way and receive your entire franchise fee back.

Secure your ideal territory.

Gain immediate access to our full training library so you learn the business and plan for a very successful launch and head start.

*Up to $50,000 can be potentially reimbursed to you from earning back your franchise fee in full through our Winner’s Circle Program as well as from having your royalties rebated during the first 6 months. We make no representations regarding the likelihood of achieving certain reimbursement levels. This offer may be cancelled at any time without notice. Certain restrictions may apply. Contact us for details.

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Aging-in-Place Starts with the Home

TruBlue focuses on total house care to help seniors continue living safely in their homes. We are the missing piece for aging-in-place.

A Business Model with 3 Strong Profit Centers

TruBlue provides property care services for seniors aging-in-place, on-demand services for busy households, and recurring household maintenace services.

Thriving Corporate Partnerships to Drive Revenue

TruBlue’s partnership with Right at Home and HomesRenewedTM Coalition provides franchise owners with immediate opportunities to drive revenue.

Seniors in front of a blue house

Demand For Senior Services Skyrockets

There is a surging demand for seniors and baby boomers who want to age in place. Recent industry trends have indicated that demand will only intensify for lifestyle, health and safety reasons. Fewer and fewer seniors will feel comfortable going to assisted living facilities. As the number of people hitting retirement age each year grows, so does the demand for services allowing them to age in place.

Only National Provider for Total Maintenance for Busy Families

Many homeowners lack the time, tools, or know-how required to perform electrical work, drywall repair, plumbing fixes, and other regular maintenance tasks around the house, so they seek assistance from reputable local businesses. TruBlue serves as a one-stop resource for busy families' home repair needs. By offering multiple in demand services, TruBlue's model is recession-resistant and helps franchise owners build a business that the community needs.

leach trublue family
low start up costs image

Low Start-Up Costs

TruBlue is an affordable business investment opportunity that allows you to run a small business with big business support. TruBlue gives franchise owners the opportunity for franchise fee reimbursement when hitting specific milestones. Click to learn more about the Winner's Circle program.