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Tim and Kay Diemont, TruBlue Franchise Owners

Owners of TruBlue of Yorktown Weigh in on Entrepreneurship

Tim & Kay Diemont, are owners of TruBlue Total House Care of Yorktown in the Norfolk, Virginia area. They launched their TruBlue franchise in 2013 and have had zero regrets owning their own franchise; minus wishing they bought a TruBlue franchise years ago!“It’s scary to take the step of becoming an entrepreneur. This is especially the case when you have company-provided healthcare and that feeling of security working at…

Military man helping another military man

Military Veterans Use Their Teaching Skills as New Owners

In the military, teaching is a way of life. The rank you were didn’t matter; you had to learn to teach others. Obviously, COs had to teach their subordinates, but just as paramount was the ability to teach those of higher rank. Whether it was experienced sergeants teaching a lieutenant about how to operate equipment in the field or an onsite commander giving his superiors back at HQ a…

Shaking hands in front of an american flag

TruBlue of Wakefield, MA Celebrates Record-Breaking First Year

After a year in business, TruBlue of Wakefield is up to 10 employees and owner James Puopolo has broken the first-year sales record for franchisees.WAKEFIELD, Mass. (PRWEB) April 26, 2018James Puopolo opened TruBlue of Wakefield, MA in March of 2017 and, at the end of his first month, the business was just kicking-off and had only made about $300. But now, after a year in business, TruBlue of Wakefield…

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Questions to Consider When Buying a Franchise

Feeling overwhelmed at all the franchising options out there? At TruBlue, we’re offering our expertise to help you evaluate your options. Ready to tackle this? Let’s go!Does this franchise offer you the lifestyle you want?If you hate going into a boring office at 8:00 AM every day, you will still hate it when you own an office (possibly even more). One of the biggest advantages to TruBlue is that…

TruBlue Franchise Handyman in Front of His Truck

1st Time Business Owners Find Their Way in Franchising

Have you have ever wanted to start your own business, but don’t know where to start? Join the millions who found the solution by opening a franchise.How Does Franchising Help First-Timers?Franchising is the ultimate method for learning how to run a business. Why? Because you are provided with all the tools you need, as well as training on how to use them.We offer a turnkey setup. Meaning when you…

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Shorten Your Transition Time to Owning a Franchise

Eight out of nine Americans drive to work unhappy every day, but they keep doing it. Why? Well, one of the most common fears people have about striking out on their own is, “What about the transition time?” That’s understandable. As an employee, it’s easy to trust in the illusion of a steady paycheck (until there is a tightening of the belt or restructure). Fortunately, at TruBlue, we have…

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Fixing the Franchise Fee Problem

Earn Your Entire Franchise Fee BackMulti-Tier, Milestone ApproachStrictly Performance-Based; No Jumping Through Hoops!Who wouldn’t want to own their own business that has a great, national reputation, the resources of hundreds or even thousands of businesses nationwide, and proven systems that work anywhere from the big city to small-town America? The answer to that question: very few. And yet, not everyone that wants to franchise does. Why? Two words: Franchise…

TruBlue worker fixing a window

The Difference Between House Care for Seniors and Senior In-Home Care

In-home senior care can be a high-risk, high-reward industry that is heavily regulated. Alternately, house care for the senior population is in high demand yet does not carry the high-risk that in-home senior care requires. House care franchises, like TruBlue Total House Care, focus on improving and caring for the exterior and interior of homes to allow seniors to age-in-place safely.In-Home Senior CareWith in-home senior care, a single violation…

Mom bathing her son

TruBlue Total House Care Introduces House Care and Subscription Bundles

Recurring revenues from monthly service plans accelerate business growthTruBlue Total House Care Franchise is launching a new subscription option to increase franchise residual income and provide lower-cost services to clients while delivering them a safer, cleaner and more accessible home. House Care + offers homeowners the option to receive monthly services that cover many routine tasks, such as swapping air filters or checking batteries in smoke detectors.House Care +…