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Tyler Pittenger Combines Passions to Launch TruBlue in Lakewood

Tyler Pittenger knows what it’s like to have a busy family, a demanding job and a home that needs your attention. Now he’s looking forward to helping with one of those things as the owner of a new local full-service home maintenance company – TruBlue Total House Care of Lakewood.

“We all have a punch list of home maintenance projects and, no matter how much you get done, there always seems to be more to do … We can come in, knock out those punch list items and let you get back to doing the things you enjoy,” Pittenger said.

Tyler Pittenger owner of TruBlue Total House Care in Lakewood neighborhood of Denver, Co

Clients looking for dependable, high-quality, individual services can hire TruBlue for handyman repairs, cleaning services, yard work, seasonal services and minor home renovations. TruBlue also works with homeowners, realtors and rental property owners who need to get homes move-in ready quickly and keep them maintained as well as business clients.

TruBlue also offers a suite of family-friendly and senior-focused services, including the ability to do Senior Home Safety Assessments, make age-friendly renovations and offer House Care Plus, a regular service program that can help seniors and busy families enjoy the comforts and convenience of owning a home without worrying about the maintenance hassles.

“I’m especially excited about working with seniors and helping them enjoy their homes for as long as possible. I grew up in rural northeast Montana and, like many small towns, our seniors were always at the center of our lives. Having spent time with a lot of older people, I have a huge respect for their journeys and I understand the challenges they face. My grandmother will be 90 and, while she’s still active and spry, I know TruBlue could make a difference for her, both in the regular maintenance of her home and with taking on projects to make it safer and more liveable along the way,” Pittenger said.

Learn more about TruBlue of Lakewood and Pittenger online, here.