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Retired Firefighters Bring TruBlue to Franklin, Tennessee

Two former firefighters have joined forces to bring TruBlue Total House Care to Franklin, Tennessee. The local business, TruBlue of Franklin, just launched this fall. 

Josh Trahan and Brett NebelThe services we provide at TruBlue, either individually or as part of our House Care Plus program, are all about helping you maintain your home as conveniently as possible. Keeping up with the to-do list can be challenging, whether you’re an older adult, a busy family, a single parent or you just have a demanding job. TruBlue can take care of your entire to-do list with just one call,” Trahan said.

Nebel is a retired New York City firefighter and Trahan is a retired industrial oilfield firefighter. Nebel and his wife, Melanie, have two daughters. Trahan and his wife, Christina, have three daughters and one son. Both families live in the Spring Hill area.

“We’ve spent our careers putting our lives on the line and, even in retirement, we knew we wanted to do something to help people. We liked the concept of TruBlue not only because it gives us an opportunity to make a difference in our community, but because of the company’s focus on working with seniors,” Nebel said.

“My parents are living with us right now and I know that, if that wasn’t an option, I’d be looking for a company like TruBlue to help them stay safely in their own home. When you combine our senior-focused services with our House Care Plus program, TruBlue can offer the peace of mind families and older adults are looking for as they age in place,” Trahan added.

TruBlue of Franklin is licensed, bonded and insured. To learn more about TruBlue of Franklin, call (615)229-7235, email or, or visit