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TruBlue 2019 Scholarship Winner

TruBlue Total House Care is pleased to announce the winner of the company’s first national scholarship – Brianna Kirkland, who attends Clemson University. The $1,000 scholarship was open to any student pursuing a 2- or 4-year degree at an accredited college or university.

The essay topic for the TruBlue Total House Care scholarship was: The TruBlue Franchise family prides itself on acting as a reliable neighbor to those who need its services. Whether it's mowing a lawn, or changing a light bulb, we pride ourselves on providing services to those who need them. Tell us your definition of a good neighbor and one example of when you acted in such a way.

Kirkland was selected as the winner of the scholarship because her essay highlighted the ways she gives back to her community by being a good neighbor. The TruBlue team felt Kirkland’s essay and values resonated with the TruBlue brand.

“Commitment to our neighbors is all too uncommon, yet it speaks directly to our mission at TruBlue. Brianna’s essay stood out to us immediately due to her honesty and commitment to those around her. Being a good neighbor is more than just talk. It requires effort and action. We believe Brianna stands for exactly what we stand for at TruBlue and are so happy to award her our college scholarship this year,” TruBlue President Greg Platz said.

The TruBlue scholarship is one of five scholarships offered by Strategic Franchising Systems, Inc. this year. Strategic Franchising Systems, the overarching company for TruBlue, Caring Transitions, Fresh Coat Painters, The Growth Coach and Pet Wants, has been creating and providing franchise business models to help people make their dreams come true for more than 30 years. The scholarship program was created to help the dreams of the next generation come true.

“Calling to mind the efforts of our franchisees, the TruBlue college scholarship is our own simple way of giving back to our community just a little bit more,” Platz said. “Every day, our TruBlue business owners go the extra mile their clients. By providing total house care services to seniors and busy families – and giving them the peace of mind that only a trusted brand like TruBlue can offer – our franchisees aren’t merely thought of as local business owners, but as good neighbors. We are excited to help another good neighbor like Brianna.”

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