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TruBlue of Northern Kentucky Launches Thanks to Brandon Hudson

We’d like to send congratulations to Brandon Hudson who is thrilled to announce the launch of his new company – TruBlue Total House Care of Northern Kentucky. TruBlue offers handyman services, house cleaning services, emergency repairs, seasonal projects, yard/lawn care and more.

“TruBlue is a great option for busy families who want to reclaim their weekends,” Hudson said. “We’re busy homeowners here in Northern Kentucky and, when we learned about TruBlue, we immediately fell in love with the one call solution. People are just so busy that the last things they have time for are ‘to do’ lists. With TruBlue, you don’t have to worry about those lists anymore.”

Brandon Hudson is an experienced business owner who grew up in a family contracting company in Kansas. Hudson then spent 10 years in the residential lending business before operating his own commercial development company in Arizona. Brandon and his family later relocated to Cincinnati when his wife was accepted into a doctoral residency program.

TruBlue offers handyman, house cleaning, emergency repairs, yard/lawn care and seasonal services that are perfect for busy families and seniors who want the comforts of their own home without worrying about critical property maintenance. TruBlue also works with homeowners, realtors and rental property owners who need to quickly get homes move-in ready and keep them maintained and has commercial services for business clients. TruBlue of Northern Kentucky serves Florence, Fort Mitchell, Hebron, Erlanger, Burlington, Union, Petersburg and the surrounding areas.

All TruBlue employees are licensed, bonded and insured. To learn more about TruBlue of Northern Kentucky, call (859) 697-0619, email or visit