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Own a Franchise that Serves Various Markets and Helps Others – TruBlue Total House Care

When buying a franchise there’s a lot to think about, and you want to find a franchise that matches your needs. If you know you’re ready to go into business for yourself, have you asked yourself the following questions?

Do you seek variety every day?

In your current job, do you struggle with performing repeating tasks daily or weekly? Does every day seem to blend together? Owning a TruBlue franchise gives you a lot of freedom to do what you want while following your own schedule. Bidding on home projects requires you to bid on everything from house cleaning to handyman to landscape or home watch projects. One day you could be bidding on window repairs and the next day your team could be putting up holiday lights for your customers. No two days are the same.

Do you want a business that is involved in numerous markets?

The main goal of a TruBlue is to provide seniors and busy families with all the household help they need, allowing seniors to age-in-place and giving families more free time together.

TruBlue helps people in many different markets:

  • Total Home Care for Seniors
  • Busy Adults
  • Commercial Properties
  • Rental and Vacation Homes

TruBlue is the “go-to” for anything house care related. You may start off by offering a cleaning service, but as you build your reputation, your team will then be able to expand into handyman repairs, landscaping or home watch. Your clients may realize that after your team successfully completes a cleaning or repair project, they may need your help with another household project. Projects can snowball from there. TruBlue offers a monthly maintenance package to ensure ongoing household repair and cleaning assistance.

Do you want to be the boss?

Maybe you’re just ready to be the boss and grow your own company. With TruBlue Total House Care you can run your business however you wish and after growing your business, you can choose to live the lifestyle you want. You choose the management styles and culture of your business. By being your own boss, you can work as much or as little as you want. Owning a TruBlue franchise gives you that flexibility you won’t get working a typical 9-5. Keeping in mind, the more work you put into a TruBlue franchise, the more rewards you will get out of it.

Do you want a fulfilling career?

If helping others sounds fulfilling to you, then a TruBlue franchise may be right for you. You have the ability to give seniors the choice to stay in their houses as they age-in-place. You can help busy families with their household maintenance so that can spend more family time together. Your customers will be grateful for the variety of services service you provide.

If any of these sound compelling to you, you may want to explore what TruBlue can offer you and your family.