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Why Women Make Great Owners of Home Services Franchises

Home service franchises (home repair, lawn care, etc.) typically appeal to more men than women. Franchise Times reports that the top 5 sectors with the lowest percentage of female franchisees in 2017 are automotive at 3%, home services at 10%, food at 15%, business services at 16% and cleaning & maintenance at 21%.

This is ironic considering that most homeowners purchasing home services are women. They understand what types of services are needed, desired, and what types of costs make sense. Women have the same opportunity as men to launch and manage a home services franchise…but they tend to shy away from doing so.


There is really no reason for women to be hesitant about buying and managing a home services franchise. In fact, there are many reasons why women often excel in this category, consider the following:

Emotional Intelligence:

Females are more emotionally intelligent making it easier to connect with future clients and employees. Female franchise owners tend to relate to female homeowners in a different way than male franchise owners. By valuing relationships and working hard to make both their customers and team satisfied, women provide a refreshing approach to leadership in a market that historically lacked such diversity.

Co-owned Franchises Leads to Greater Insights:

Co-owned franchises owned by two partners, often a husband and wife team, help to bring different insights, talents, strengths, and viewpoints to both the franchise and homeowner. Having a woman franchise owner provide a bid or estimate on a home server can provide a new experience for the homeowner.

Flexible Schedule:

Many franchises that are service-based offer a flexible model for owners, allowing them to work on their business when it’s convenient for them. Instead of performing the actual hands-on home services, the owner focuses on strategic development, marketing, human resource management, accounting, administrative tasks and/or payroll, while they have their managers run the day-to-day operations.

Community Involvement:

Being involved in the community is a necessary step in starting any business to build a network and start to gain brand recognition. Women tend to be strongly involved in attending community events, volunteering and developing connections in the community. Networking tends to be a natural part of women’s lives, especially in a community or neighborhood they are connected to. What a great way to get referrals!

Forward Thinking:

Women make great business owners because they take a steady approach to growing the business long term. Women are less likely to be arrogant about their businesses, making them able to take appropriate steps in growing their business.


For women interested in having more control over their own work hours and vacation time, owning a franchise is a great option. Home service franchisors have an established system in place to support franchisees and to guide them in making wise decisions for their business.

In addition, franchisors provide proven practices for their new owners and save franchisees time from trial and error; thus, saving owners time and money.

Where to start? Look into organizations such as:

  • The Small Business Association
  • Association of Women Business Centers
  • IFE’s Women’s Franchise Network
  • The Minority Business Development Agency, and more…

These organizations have developed conferences, workshops, mentoring programs and educational opportunities for women interested in operating a franchise.

There are so many great reasons for women to go into franchising; especially home service-related franchising. Wouldn’t it be great to see the current 10% home services franchises owned by women double by the end of 2018?

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