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Military Veterans Use Their Teaching Skills as New Owners

In the military, teaching is a way of life. The rank you were didn’t matter; you had to learn to teach others. Obviously, COs had to teach their subordinates, but just as paramount was the ability to teach those of higher rank. Whether it was experienced sergeants teaching a lieutenant about how to operate equipment in the field or an onsite commander giving his superiors back at HQ a clear understanding of the situation at ground zero, teaching and clear communication were essential in your life in the military. The good news is that skill set carries over to running your own TruBlue Franchise. Here are a couple skill sets that will translate directly to your new role as a business owner:

Visit the Job Site and Lead by Example

One of the most important aspects of teaching in the military is the ability to do so in the field. Soldiers aren’t made in a classroom setting, and neither are all the lesson plans. You never send a team of green recruits on their lonesome no matter how much time they have spent preparing and studying screens and books. After the classroom, you continue teaching them in simulations, and after that, you still pair them with experienced soldiers if at all possible.

The same thing is true when you run your TruBlue Franchise. Yes, of course you’ll be teaching your project managers how to interact with customers beforehand, but you should also be at the job site. Observe your teams’ strengths and weaknesses. Then, in addition to telling them where they can improve, go out and show them.

Get to Know Your Personnel

A team is made up of individuals. Sounds obvious, right? But think about what that implies. When you led a team or a unit in the military, you didn’t just know their name, rank, and role, did you? No, you knew their motivations, hopes, fears, strengths, weaknesses…everything you could about them. This allowed you to keep up morale, minimize weaknesses, and expand on strengths.

The same thing is true when it comes to running your own business. You need to know the people that work for you. Understanding each team’s abilities will help you run the most efficient machine possible, maximizing your revenue and cutting expenses. Knowing them on a personal level will allow you to gain insight into what you can do to keep them content, lowering costly turnover.

Eager to know how else your military background will help make you a great franchise owner? Contact us today to speak to a Franchise Director.