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Questions to Consider When Buying a Franchise

Feeling overwhelmed at all the franchising options out there? At TruBlue, we’re offering our expertise to help you evaluate your options. Ready to tackle this? Let’s go!

Does this franchise offer you the lifestyle you want?

If you hate going into a boring office at 8:00 AM every day, you will still hate it when you own an office (possibly even more). One of the biggest advantages to TruBlue is that you will be working out of your own home, and you can invite your employees over or go out in the field and meet them – whichever you choose.

Does this franchise allow you to focus on your passion?

Running your own business is a lot of work – that just comes with the territory. With all the work and energy you will be pouring into this venture, make sure it allows you to focus on what invigorates you. Some people think that only means the product or service you sell, but there are other things to be passionate about.

Do you enjoy project management, receiving genuine gratitude from customers, and networking with other businesses to promote your own? Or would you rather be focusing on the finances? The type of work you are passionate about should be a huge factor in picking a franchise concept, along with the role of its owner.

Does this franchise give you the support you need?

Also, in a related topic, will you feel restricted by what their model offers? There are several franchises, all with various amounts of support. Some don’t give you much beyond brand imagery, whereas others tie you down in policies and red tape. When evaluating franchises, make sure you pick one with the amount of support that works best for you. To see what TruBlue offers, click here.

What is your exit strategy, and does this franchise opportunity fit it?

This is one that is often overlooked, but one whose importance cannot be overstated. Even if you can afford one of the most expensive franchise opportunities, remember that you’ll have to find another buyer who can afford it AND who wants that specific territory! That can be a huge problem if you only wanted to run this business for the next ten years before you retire.

If you want more information on TruBlue, contact us today!