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Fixing the Franchise Fee Problem

  • Earn Your Entire Franchise Fee Back
  • Multi-Tier, Milestone Approach
  • Strictly Performance-Based; No Jumping Through Hoops!

Who wouldn’t want to own their own business that has a great, national reputation, the resources of hundreds or even thousands of businesses nationwide, and proven systems that work anywhere from the big city to small-town America? The answer to that question: very few. And yet, not everyone that wants to franchise does. Why? Two words: Franchise Fee.

Odds are, most of the national chains you know use a franchise model. However, the high upfront costs rules out a lot of great, potential owners.

That’s why, at TruBlue Total House Care, we empower anyone with the resolve and discipline to be able to succeed in a franchising system. We have minimal overhead, low startup costs, and, now, a way to recover your franchise fee!

As stated above, there are no additional steps or extra work. The only thing required is for you, with our instruction and coaching, to run a successful TruBlue franchise. You will have revenue goals for the first several years of your business. Each year you meet that goal, you will be cut a check for some of your franchise fee, earning all of it back over the lifetime of the program. Not only does this provide you with attainable goals each year, but what if you made the first three and then missed one? Keep whatever you earned for a strongly discounted franchise fee!

What Makes a Successful Franchisee?

Think this sounds too good to be true? Not if you think about it. Successful franchisees are what make successful franchise systems. There are two big reasons for exorbitant franchise fees: 1) to protect the franchise system’s investment in the new owner and 2) by being so expensive, it makes it much more likely those purchasing the business have had success somewhere else in their lives previously.

But what if you could ask the leader of every franchise system of the globe this question: “If you could read the future, and you knew someone would be one of your best franchisees, would you give them the franchise for free or lose them to the competition?” Every last one of them would cut the franchise fee for that applicant. Well, at TruBlue, we haven’t quite figured out how to see the future – but we have found a way to reach back into the past and make adjustments. It’s just one more TruBlue system is changing the way franchising works.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today, and Franchise Director will get in touch with you to tell you all about this special program.