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TruBlue Home Management Franchise Gains Momentum

TruBlue Total House Care answers growing demand from seniors needing help around the house

2017 has been a great year for TruBlue Total House Care franchise, and 2018 looks to be even better. Demand for our home management services has never been higher, and it’s only expected to climb as seniors become an ever-larger segment of the home-owning population.

At every discovery day, potential TruBlue owners are learning all of the benefits of providing complete home management solutions, and new franchisees are joining, as well. They see the value of owning a business that provides vital services to the growing senior citizen population.

“One of the biggest trends in the U.S housing market is seniors who want to age in place — to stay in the homes they spent a lifetime building,” says David Sparks, Franchise Development Director for TruBlue Total House Care. “Yet, as homeowners grow older, maintenance tasks that were once routine — changing light bulbs or oiling a rusting hinge — become potentially dangerous activities. That’s where TruBlue comes in.”

TruBlue home management franchise is revolutionizing the $380 billion senior care industry by specializing in the home care services that seniors and their loved ones depend on to allow them to age in place with the quality of life they deserve. For years, TruBlue Total House Care franchisees have provided their customers with our “one company, one call” solution for all home care needs, including handyman services, cleaning services, lawn care, seasonal work (including snow removal) and specialty jobs such as making homes accessible to seniors with mobility issues. TruBlue is the kind of relationship-driven business that can grow fast. Here’s how.

Multiple revenue streams mean your business scales quickly

Whether it’s yard work, handyman services or cleaning, TruBlue Total House Care franchise owners offer the services homeowners need to address as they become apparent. The result is a business that can rapidly scale, as TruBlue owner Tim Diemont explains.

“It grows quickly. We have seven trucks, an office manager, an office — the executive team is terrific,” says Tim, who owns and operates in the Yorktown, Virginia, area with his wife, Kim. For the Diemonts, joining TruBlue made great business sense. “When people ask us why didn’t we just do it ourselves, the reality is we would have never been where we are today. The franchise just gives us the professional look and feel; it makes you 1,000 times bigger than you are. It gives you what you need to get off the ground.”

Knowing the tools are in place to provide a diverse selection of home maintenance solutions, franchise owners are able to grow their business quickly, layering on services and upselling clients as their needs evolve. Among the many services seniors are seeking, here are just a few of TruBlue’s offerings:

  • Handyman services
  • Maid and cleaning services
  • Lawn care services
  • Seasonal work
  • Home accessibility
  • Special projects (errands and miscellaneous tasks)

TruBlue Total House Care franchise has built a business that delivers all of these services and dozens more, taking the strain of home maintenance off of their clients and making life just a little easier.

TruBlue is a relationship business

TruBlue Total House Care is a business that relies on long-term relationships for growth. Franchise owners become a real part of the daily lives of their clients, becoming a trusted source for home management services. The service can be transformative for a family struggling to maintain a home as a senior ages in place.

“Customers want to go somewhere with that trust factor,” Tim says. “We’re the type of people that we’ll know you the next time we see you.”

In addition, every TruBlue franchise owner is fully licensed and bonded, and that builds an even more solid foundation of trust. The result is a client relationship that can span years, even generations, as your reputation grows.

Bring the TruBlue home management franchise to your community

Learn more about bringing the value of TruBlue franchise to your community at our franchise information website. Or contact us to request more information about the TruBlue franchise opportunity.