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3 Reasons Why TruBlue is a Best-Bet Investment

The most exciting opportunity in senior home care is rapidly expanding across the nation

TruBlue is revolutionizing the senior home care industry by focusing solely on taking care of the homes and properties seniors depend on to age in place. Given the amount of seniors who want to remain in their homes (90% of seniors do, in fact, according to AARP), TruBlue franchisees have an enormous opportunity to meet the growing demand for home services in their communities.

Our “one company, one call” method for home management services is so effective that busy families and young professionals also are rapidly joining us as customers. These properties are in continuous need of maintenance and repair. Our professional service provides an economical and reliable answer for people in need of such assistance, conveniently providing handyman repair, cleaning and yard care services through a single company. This saves customers the stress and headache of working with multiple vendors and creates amazing peace of mind for homeowners. At the same time, it creates a great opportunity to run a potentially profitable and scalable home services business for the franchise owner.

“There really isn’t anything like TruBlue on the market today, and there’s no question that the future of TruBlue is incredibly bright,” says Greg Platz, President of TruBlue. “Helping seniors age in place is going to be one of the most lucrative business opportunities in our lifetime — for the sheer fact that seniors overwhelmingly want to age in place, and Baby Boomers, who are rapidly becoming seniors to the tune of ten thousand every day, also overwhelmingly want to live on in their homes. And their loved ones want a trustworthy provider to take care of their parents’ or grandparents’ homes. TruBlue is going to become the first nationally known brand for home management services, and with the proven systems our team has in terms of operation and support, our franchise will grow to hundreds of locations across the nation in the coming years.”

Here are three reasons you should bring TruBlue to your community today:

1. TruBlue faces no competition

TruBlue is the rare franchise system with no direct competition. While there are are several brands that focus on one service in the home management sector, and thousands of mom-and-pop operations across the country, their reputations vary and they do not have the same commitment to providing exceptional customer care, nor the resources to handle the wide variety of services. TruBlue franchise opportunities offer a nationwide presence with ongoing professional support for all operations.

“Before TruBlue, consumers had to call a different company or a different local provider for every unique issue that would come up,” Greg says. “Now, they only have to make one phone call for any and every home management issue, from cleaning, to handyman services, to projects such as the installation of wheelchair ramps to provide ease of access, and beyond. That alone is revolutionizing the home management industry. As far as convenience and accessibility are concerned, we’re the only game in town, and that allows us to capture so much more of the market and appeal to so many different types of customers from seniors to busy families.”

The accessibility that our all-inclusive home management service has for consumers cannot be overstated. For the first time, consumers only have to make one call for any and every aspect of their house and lawn care needs, and this translates into a business that easily wins new customers in any market.

2. TruBlue Franchisees have access to multiple revenue streams

TruBlue is the first national brand to offer a “one company, one call” solution for all home care needs, providing franchisees with access to multiple revenue streams, including:

  • Handyman services
  • Maid and cleaning services
  • Lawn care services
  • Seasonal work
  • Home accessibility
  • Special projects (errands and miscellaneous)

Because TruBlue is the leading brand for home management services, and our franchisees are granted the tremendous responsibility of being allowed access to our customers’ homes, our franchisees establish lifelong relationships with their customers based on trust. Because TruBlue is a home-based business that requires only a small number of employees to begin operations, TruBlue has the potential to scale up incredibly quickly.

3. TruBlue is an affordable, home-based business

TruBlue franchise costs are relatively low when compared to the high potential for rewards. Led by an executive team that is passionate about helping entrepreneurs become successful, our proven business model was designed to be easy to open and easy to scale, with initial investment costs well below those of other senior home healthcare franchise systems or handyman service brands.

TruBlue is a low-cost investment opportunity with potential for high returns, with the total investment estimate to begin operations ranging from $61,850 to $81,000. TruBlue is a home-based business, with zero overhead and no buildout costs or brick-and-mortar expenses, making TruBlue far more affordable than other similar franchise concepts. The franchise fee for your first territory is $39,500.

We believe in our franchisees so much that we’ve set up a program called The Winner’s Circle, which allows franchisees to be reimbursed for the entirety of their franchise fee if certain goals are met within the first four years of your new business.

Bring the TruBlue home management franchise to your community

Learn more about bringing the value of TruBlue franchise to your community at our franchise information website. Or contact us to request more information about the TruBlue franchise opportunity.