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TruBlue Total House Care Franchise Builds Momentum

Entrepreneurs are discovering the value of our home maintenance franchise

The word is getting out about TruBlue Total House Care franchise and the incredible opportunities available in the home maintenance industry. In fact, TruBlue is on track to post one if its best quarters ever, with at least six new territories set to open before the end of the year.

Part of the secret to the growing momentum of TruBlue lies in the size of the market for the services franchise owners provide. As Franchise Development Director David Sparks explains, now is one of the best times to own a TruBlue franchise.

“If you watch the news, you know the American population isn’t getting any younger, and the vast majority of aging Americans want to remain in the homes they’ve spent decades building,” David says. “But as they age, maintaining a home safely and effectively becomes a challenge. That’s where TruBlue comes in. TruBlue technicians do the chores that aging homeowners can’t do anymore, and because TruBlue is a name homeowners trust, families know Mom and Dad are being looked after.”

TruBlue home management franchise is revolutionizing the $380 billion senior care industry by specializing in the home care services that seniors and their loved ones depend on to allow them to age in place with the quality of life they deserve. For years, TruBlue Total House Care franchisees have provided their customers with our “one company, one call” solution for all home care needs, including handyman services, cleaning services, lawn care, seasonal work (including snow removal) and specialty jobs such as making homes accessible to seniors with mobility issues. TruBlue is on the move, and here are three key reasons why:

Seniors are driving the housing industry

Kelsey and Stephen Cromwell discovered TruBlue shortly after her grandfather died, leaving behind her grandmother and a massive house to care for. Like so many seniors, Kelsey’s grandmother didn’t want to leave her home, but she needed help — the kind of help TruBlue franchise provides. That makes the work of owning a TruBlue territory in western Kentucky that much more rewarding for the Cromwells.

“It’s really close to your heart and it means a lot to that person you’re helping,” Kelsey says. She adds that business is exploding in their territory, and she still loves what she’s doing because of the difference they’re making in the lives of their clients. “But that’s why we do it.”

Kelsey and Stephen’s grandmother isn’t the only TruBlue story out there. A recent report in Forbes highlighted the number of Americans aged 55 and over who are choosing to remain in their homes — a population growing by more than 10,000 individuals a day. That means the market for TruBlue Total House Care will continue to grow for decades.

TruBlue serves more than just retirees

When Todd Cook opened his TruBlue franchise territory in Ohio, he knew he’d be making a difference in the lives of his clients. What surprised him, though, is the diverse appeal the company’s services has in the region.

“You begin to find very quickly that your customers are far more diverse than seniors,” Todd says. “Busy families need our services just as badly as seniors who want to age in place, and our range of services makes it easy to scale up pretty quickly.”

Whether it’s cleaning gutters or replacing light bulbs, having a one-stop shop for all home maintenance needs appeals to a diverse range of homeowners, from newlyweds in their first homes to busy professionals in need of an extra set of hands. TruBlue Total House Care isn’t just for seniors.

TruBlue franchise continues to innovate in the house maintenance industry

TruBlue franchise owners benefit from some of the best support and most innovative business systems in the home maintenance industry. Recently, the company unveiled a subscription-based recurring revenue program and a separate program targeted at new homeowners.

At the same time, as houses change, so do the services TruBlue offers. Franchise owners are able to help homeowners with interior and exterior maintenance, cleaning, and even yardcare and lawn services. Whatever is in the home, TruBlue can take care of.

“We’re constantly working to remain on the forefront of home maintenance,” David says. “Whether it’s on the business side, tapping into the move towards subscription services or in the types of maintenance services we offer, TruBlue Total House Care is committed to maintaining the one company, one call model that has put us at the top of the home care industry.”

Bring the TruBlue home management franchise to your community

Learn more about bringing the value of TruBlue franchise to your community at our franchise information website. Or contact us to request more information about the TruBlue franchise opportunity.